Daily Joy

I am a big believer in making your own happiness. It’s hard when there is a lot going on, and as someone who gets anxious and nervous (especially without carefully thought out planning), it can be easy to get caught in a mire of discontent.

Years and years ago, I kept a joyful list: things, people, and occupancies each day that brought me joy that day. It had to be specific to that day/moment (i.e. not “family”). I only kept it for a few weeks because, honestly, I was overwhelmed with all that I wrote each day.

I’ve decided to start this again to help me focus on the big moments, on what is truly important, in an effort to not get so stressed and bogged down by all the little things.

Today was chock full of moments of joy:

  • My husband joined me for coffee this morning at 6:30 just because
  • My new coffee travel mug kept my coffee hot from 9:30 until 2:30 (but then it was still warm)
  • I had midday visitors: husband and baby!!! AND he brought cake and flowers!
  • A student laughed at one of my wordplay puns
  • Three of my former students visited me and stayed to tutor groups of current students
  • I left right after work and, though I felt like my boobs would explode, I arrived at home by the time I normally leave work and successfully pumped
  • Husband and I laughed so hard I almost cried

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