Almost Time

Dear Baby Amelia,

It’s almost time for you to make your grand entrance into this world! We are at 38 weeks and 4 days today. These past 9+ months have been such a ride. The first trimester was definitely the least fun – I couldn’t feel you in there and felt sick the entire time. I often woke up in a panic worried that this was all in my head.

The second trimester, I began feeling you move. It’s such a strange feeling – first like little gas bubbles and then actual kicks and punches! I was overwhelmed for most of the journey with work, grad school, and buying a home, but it was an amazing time. My favorite part of the day was in the evenings when your father came home and we’d sit on the couch together. His hand was always on my belly in the hopes that he would feel you move, and the look on his face when he’d feel you were extraordinary.

These last few months, though, have been my favorite. We’ve settled into our home and the projects, while never ending, are our projects. I love waking up to your rolls and stretches, seeing the sunlight painting the wildness of our backyard, sitting in your nursery (which was the first room we completed in entirety).

You “float” up in my belly all the time,
and I think it is amazing that if your father asks you to settle and calm down, his hands pressing gently down on where you are popping out, you do. It is so much quicker than when I do the same, and I can see he’s already so in love with you. I haven’t been super uncomfortable until the past week, and, though it may be crazy, I feel that you are doing your best to keep me from being too sore or in pain.

We have another week before I am hoping you make your grand entrance. (Our doctor, whom I adore, is on call at the end of next week so, if you’re listening, that is what we are aiming for.) However, we are all packed and ready for you whenever you decide it is time. Know that your father and I are so excited to see you. You are all that we prayed for and we have loved you since the moment we knew you were there. While this world may not be perfect and we may have some challenging times ahead (hello, teenager-hood), we are perfectly made for each other and perfectly suited to handle all that comes our way.

See you soon, baby girl. We cannot wait to hold you in our arms.


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