Baby Amelia

Dear Baby Amelia,

Just two days ago, your father and I found out that you were a baby girl.  (In case you ever wonder, no – I truly did not care if you were a boy or a girl.  I only wanted a healthy child…and there you are!)

As soon as the technician told us, tears began flowing down my face.  In that instant, you became so real to me, so close.  I know that it sounds odd, as it’s hard to get any closer to me than you are now, but there was a definite shift in my world at that moment.  You went from just “baby” to Amelia.

I’ve felt you moving for a few weeks now.  Nothing huge; I wrote much of it off as just gas or muscles getting used to the space.  But after awhile, I knew.  When we saw you on the ultrasound on Tuesday, I saw why I felt you – your legs were kicking and your arms were moving so much.  Your legs would fold in, then kick!  Kick!  Your arms flew back and forth, almost like you knew we could see you and you were waving to us.  From the very first ultrasound, you were like that.  You were always so still at the start, but after a few minutes you were all movement.  When we saw you this week, we could see your arms and legs were so long – it makes me think you will be like your father, long and lean.

We are house hunting now, trying to find the perfect starter home for you to grow up in.  It’s so important to us that we find a place where you can crawl and run, where you can chase after Lily and be chased.  A place filled with books, music, laughter, and love.  I can see us as I rock you to sleep, reading you the adventures of Pippi Longstocking, Madeline, Meg Murray, and of Peter, Edmund, Lucy, and Susan.  I can see myself in the kitchen, making dinner for all of us as your father dances in the living room with you in his arms, music weaving around you two like magic.

Baby Amelia, you are already so loved.  You have so many people who are waiting to greet you, who will be there to support you as you grow.  We are a very blessed family, and I cannot wait to show this amazing world to you.

Love you always.


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